RadioLinx Broadcast Marketing

RadioLinx Broadcast Marketing is the industry's low-cost high-quality independent syndication representation firm. Many of our competitors do not like to talk about price. We do, and recognize there are two critical factors that can directly affect the success of any independent syndication effort-- time and money. While we may not be able to control the time frame in which a station decides to accept a client of ours, we can help to control the cost of your syndication efforts. RadioLinx believes it is simply professionally irresponsible to charge a client thousands of dollars each month knowing full well that the time required to secure a profitable number of affiliates may well exceed a client's budget.  Because of this experience in the field, we have structured our pricing options to accommodate the longer selling cycle of the industry and the budget restrictions of our entrepreneurial clients. Whether you are an upstart radio show or a veteran program looking to add new affiliates, RadioLinx offers several budget friendly syndication resources to choose from. Our full service package offers a done-for-you approach and is designed for program hosts who would prefer that RadioLinx handle all aspects of the affiliate garnering process.  The do-it-yourself options are designed for program hosts in need of professional tools to market their show and have the desire or time to contact prospective radio stations on their own.  Whether you hire RadioLinx to handle all of your affiliate marketing needs or opt to keep costs lower with one of our do-it-yourself packages, you will receive a powerful set of finely tuned resources that can help to launch your show or add more stations to an existing affiliate roster. 

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